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Speech of president

                                                                                          To our current and potential customers

 Owing to the peasants, the land becomes green and lively!
 Owing to the sailors, the ocean becomes more passional!
 Owing to the axmen, the mountain becomes beautifullike poem and drawing!
 Owing to the fate, the life becomes more and more purified and glorious!
 Owing to old and new customers, Xiangtong becomes more splendid!
 Owing to you, Xiangtong becomes more splendid! Without meeting wind and rain, how can we see the rainbow?During shandong xiangtong's developing, we are showing fadeless wonder and fulfilling our all promising by your continous coopearting and supporting. We clearly know it's you-our customers' faithful care and help that xiangtong can stand at the peak and see the longer distance and plan for the future.
 Owing to you, xiangtong becomes more splendid! In the mining, harbour, power station, steel pot, the plant, withing numerous customers' reality and dream, each converor belt sings loudly and rushes ahead with all xiangtong's staff's confidence,quality and sweap. We clearly know it's you- our customers, our friends, our gods who give us opportunities, stage,trust and supporting. This is our wealth
which we feel most proud. Our mind is always keeping the same size as the stage's developing.
 Owing to you, Xiangtong becomes more splendid! In the rapidly updated 21th century, if the fast, safe, durable and economy conveyor is your ideal necessary transporting tools, xiangtong is of course your most relable and trustable friends.
 Owing to you, Xiangtong becomes more splendid! lt's you-our distinguished customers who let us be more adult and stronger by keeping improving our products, quality, managements and thoughts Perhaps we can not give you a pleasant surprise, but we are sure we can let you feel assured permanently."the length of life is limited, but the meaningness of life is unlimited " We convince that the philosophy "quality first, customer first, reputation first" must plan an important role in making us to be more adult and stronger.
 Owing to you, Xiangtong becomes more splendid! The customers' demands are our motion of today's developing and the wings of tommorrow's flying. If equipment replacing, skills improving and excellent managements are the ladder of continously promoting, xiangtong is a unfliching climber of this ladder. This kind of tireless and perseverant seeking is our real advantages. Numerous achievements belong to the smart labors; numerous wonders belong to intelligent adventurers; numerous sunny tommorrows belong to us----to creat together with our faith! Numerous sincere service and careful choice will enjoy pleasant achievements.
 There is always a kind of choice to move us deeply. Perhaps it's a warmly shaking hands, perhaps it's a trustable sight, perhaps it's a familiar and strange call, perhaps it's because of saying goodbye and good blessing, perhaps it's a fax or contract, perhaps it's a surprised and excited tear. . My distinguished customers, my sincere friends, you can always stir up each xiangtong staff's soul. By putting deeply the mission to our god and responsibility to ous customers into our hearts, we will do our best and use our most faithful motion to service you and pay back our god.
 There is always a kind of strength to make us excited and a kind of feeling to make us unforgettable. " one begins to know the wave till the boat has sailed over one thousand kilometers and one begin to realise the real friendship till he has experienced so much." Therefore, we keep trusting: old customers are the cornerstone of our enterprise, old friends are the core of our strength; new customers are the motion of our enterprise, new friends are our sunlight and rain. Since you pay attention to us with your sincere and trustable sights, how can't we love our enterprise - xiangtong so deeply ?
 There is always a kind of hope to make us rush ahead. The feeling made of cooperating, understanding, trusting and hoping is an expection which makes us to love dedicate into our enterprise. There is always a piece of examination paper, a succeess, a band of flower, a applause, a history which are unforgetable for us. And this is just what you and we are aiming at !
                                       Chairman of board: Zhang Jianlu

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